The office wants to make sure there is no metal implanted in your system. Metal and magnetic imaging don't go well together and they have to make sure how to work with you. They will want to know if there is or is a potential pregnancy. They will want to know about any recent surgeries or procedures. Just keep mental or written notes to remind you of any of these, so you can fill out the paperwork.

Take off all jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, piercings), hair pins and barrettes, and any source of metal on your person. If you don't need your purse, just make sure you have your medical card, photo ID, and payment method. It's a good idea to call the office first, to ask what the amount of the bill will be. Your things will be stored in a locker for safety, but if you take them off at home, you don't have to fight with that necklace clasp in the changing room.

If you are claustrophobic, let them know. I am, but I just go into the chamber with eyes closed and thinking calming thoughts. If you stay calm, and think about the opening in the chamber where perhaps your feet are sticking out (usually some part of you will not be in the chamber and you can concentrate on that, knowing you aren't in a fully closed space), you should find comfort from your claustrophobia. You should be given a device to squeeze or push in the case you are not doing well. Try to stay still and let the imaging take place. It will be very loud, and you will be provided with earplugs.

It may seem like it takes forever, or may feel like a 20 minute procedure. The calmer you are, the shorter the time period will seem.

When the imaging is done, you will be helped up and you can get changed back. The results should take a day or two, to get forwarded to your doctor, who will call you back in to discuss the findings.

Whatever part of it that makes you nervous, try to think of it as a forward looking answer to your issues. It will help put a plan into place for you, in the healing process. Look forward to finding this out! It's better to know than not know.

The previous MRI that I had, showed some dark spots in three other places. These were shown to my doctor, who ordered ultrasounds of the areas. None were an issue, but gave a good baseline reading in case anything changes. That is a good thing.

It's always better to know and understand what is going on with your body and system. It helps you be able to control fears.

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