I started working from home, on the Internet, when my daughter was 3, in 1997 so that I could stay home and watch her grow, to be flexible so I can take care of her and get her to her activities - be the one she calls "Mommy." I began building websites and writing articles to help people, to inform people, and to help others feel good. I work primarily in helping provide funding for people who are in need, but also feel it important to let others know about the good ways to live, and to share Christian miracles.

Feel free to browse around the site - I'm here to help you, with honesty, ethics and morals.

In no way am I suggesting that what I do works for everyone - I am giving options to try, without being radical. I believe in a holistic life, and it keeps me healthy and youthful. Everyone is different, and you should pick and choose pieces of what works for you.

Email me if you would like me to say a prayer for you.

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