If you buy the supplements in bulk, in a pure form, you don't need to deal with extra additions of fillers and vitamins, or other bulk. You will likely also save money by buying in bulk, in pure form - you could make more capsules from those than buying the capsules in a bottle.

I like to make a dry mixture of these supplements (and keep in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator), and as long as one isn't awful tasting, I then sprinkle is on yogurt, or add to smoothies, or sometimes a drink. You can be creative in how you mix it in to your foods or drinks. Just make sure your measurements are able to be comparable to the suggested serving amount, then figure the amount you should add per day. If I have several liquid supplements I would make a mixture of those as well.

You can get bags or bottles of supplements at health food stores and sections. Some would have to be ordered from Amazon or other online stores, or directly from health stores online. You do need to factor in the cost of postage to see if you are saving or not.

Buying in bulk, in pure form, will likely save you money, and you will not be ingesting all the filler ingredients.

These are the supplements I try to make sure I take: Smallflower has a wide range of supplements
Fish oil - Wild Salmon Oil Softgels from SeaBear - a sustainable & pure source of Omega-3's
Vitamin D3
B Complex including B12
Vitamins E, K, K2
For eyes - bilberry, hyaluronic acid, lutein, taurine, zeaxanthin
Ubiquinol or CoQ10
Greens - chlorella, chlorophyll, kelp, red algae, spirulina
Coconut oil
GABA, Maca
Tulsi/Holy Basil
Various mushrooms - chaga, reishi, lion's mane

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