Anger stews in your system. It consumes your mind and heart. Your gut gets tangled up. Your brain can't think straight. You can slip into depression. Your heart rate goes up. Your blood pressure goes up. You have headaches. There are so many ways that anger manifests itself into causing health issues. Don't let it control or consume you. Try the below techniques to calm down your anger.

Try to forgive - that doesn't mean forget or trust - at least not right away. It helps put YOU at peace, and the other person isn't affected by the way YOU feel. The anger is spent only on you.

Try to get out of the situation. Let the person with the baggage keep their baggage, and stay out of it. It's better to not take on other peoples' problems. You can be sympathetic, but don't take on the issues personally. After talking to them, leave it behind! Go forward with your own day, your way.

Pray for peace for all involved. You may not be the only angry one. Or just meditate - relax and think about good things. Quit thinking about the bad things.

You need to conscientiously think about your anger - if you start feeling angry, step back, slowly count to 10 (to calm yourself), and calmly talk, or take your leave. You need to practice this many times, so you can naturally get out of the funk you are heading toward, and before it hits you.

Smile more. It's easier to smile than to be angry - if you can smile, have fun, and let things go, your whole outlook on life can change. You can help other people get out of their funk by smiling at or with them.

Do a good deed - pay it forward. When you can see the joy in another person, your anger melts.

Please quit being angry. No one owes you in life - don't feel like a victim. Try to look forward and dream. Then start working for your dream.

Get a pet - a loving companion you are responsible for - dogs can be wonderful for calming moods (well, not all dogs are good at it - choose carefully and commit to it).

Exercise - walk, run, ride a bike, go to a gym, get on a team, play tennis - any of that can knock bad energy away.

Laugh more! Make life fun!

Breathe deeply - it is calming.

Spend time outside - at a park, in the mountains, under a tree - and walk barefoot, to ground yourself. This is all calming. Let go of your stress and relax.

Make it a conscious plan to knock out anger, and be happier, without taking on others' problems as your own. Learn to deflect the bad to the person or situation, rather than take it on yourself. Learn to be calm, and stay calm...