Take Pro-biotics When Sick or on Anti-Biotics

Gut health is important every day, but especially when taking anti-biotics. Sickness, anti-biotics, and other medications stress out your gut, and can kill off the good bacteria in the gut. You need to supplement and put good bacteria back into your system.

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When you are sick, and especially if you take an anti-biotic, make sure to have plenty of pro-biotics to repopulate the gut bacteria that is distressed from the medication.

Kefir (organic)is a wonderful option - it is a fermented milk product, somewhat like a drinkable yogurt. It is loaded with good bacteria.

Yogurt is good as well, but make sure it's organic, full fat, plain yogurt. You can put fruits, maple syrup, vanilla, juice concentrate or other favorite way to flavor it up. The cheap, well known yogurts are absolutely not going to give you what you need in bacteria cultures (just a lot of useless calories).

Kombucha is good - it's a fermented tea. On the same note are other fermented pro-biotic drinks, like KeVita. They contain probiotics and may be more suited for vegans who don't eat dairy.

There are pro-biotic capsules as well, which should be good - just keep them in the refrigerator and take as directed.

Certainly there are other pro-biotic products. You should eat fermented foods during this time. These include pickles, saurkraut, miso, kimchi, and other types of fermented foods.

Good natural antibiotic choices include manuka honey and maple syrup.

By taking medications that kill off good bacteria that your gut needs, you need to put good bacteria back into the gut. This should help your stomach during the course of the medication, less likely to make you feel sick.

It is good to take pro-biotics on a daily basis. Nurture your gut and keep it healthy - it will go a long way to keep the rest of you healthy.

Health Disclaimer

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