Antibiotics can't cure everything. They only work on bacterial infections. Viruses can't be treated with antibiotics.

Don't ask your doctor for them unless they are the last result in getting well, such as if you get bronchitis or severe sinus infection.

Antibiotics play havoc with your healthy gut bacteria. When taking antibiotics, you need to take probiotics to help you stay healthy - during and after taking the antibiotics. Kefir is outstanding - it's a fermented milk product and gives you a good dose of good bacteria for your gut. If you are vegan or cannot drink milk, there are other ways to get gut bacteria built back up - fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha (fermented tea), probiotic supplements - you want a more concentrated form of probiotic supplementation. Without taking probiotics during antibiotic doses, you risk your gut going out of whack, which then sets off other systems in your body to go out of whack.

The danger of antibiotics is that they attack the good and bad bacteria - it is possible that some gut bacteria may be altered permanently - even with one event of antibiotics. Repeated use can stress the bacteria so badly that your entire health is compromised - your healthy gut is the key to your health.

Repeated use of antibiotics can eventually make bacteria resistant to antibiotics - and they cannot fight bacterial infections anymore.

Recent research implies you may not have to take the entire 7 or 10 days worth of the antibiotic - ask your doctor, as this likely is not true for all cases.

Make sure to keep feeding yourself probiotics for a while after getting done with the antibiotic regime - to build up your good bacteria in your gut.

The widespread use of antibiotics in meat and farmed fish is making antibiotics less effective when needed. You may not get well from strep throat if you eat the antibiotic treated meats - the prescribed antibiotic for strep may not help. The reason antibiotics are pumped into livestock, chickens and farmed fish is because the conditions of the animals makes them sick. They are fed soy and corn - unnatural diets. They can't get exercise - farmed fish are confined and swim in their own feces. Livestock and chickens are kept in enclosures that may not even see the sun. They are crammed and unable to get the exercise they need. They have no choice but to be sick.

Use antibiotics as little as you can - try to find other ways to treat your illnesses - and never try to ask for antibiotics until your doctor says it's the best or last resort. Doctors used to prescribe antibiotics for any and everything, even without requiring an office visit. No doubt this set up some illnesses in the general.