"A Better Life - Feel Better and Stay Healthy!"

I want to help people get their lives back on track, and feel healthy again, like I did.

I've been concerned about toxins, about where the world is heading, about kids - these articles are about how I can let others know how to have a better life. In mind, body and spirit.

There are too many diseases, cancers, stresses in this world. Take control of what you can and fight for your health!

Food is Life! Food is Health! Of course, it's more than just the food! And it's a individual thing!

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Soy Isn't the Beat-All Food

Freeze Foods

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Take Pro-biotics When Sick or on Anti-Biotics

Why I Am Picky About Fish

Take Care of Your Teeth

The Truth About Greek Yogurt and Whey

Those Bag Tags

Keep Your Head Up!

Stools for the Height Challenged

Oil Pulling

Use a Straw

Do You Know How Your Vitamins are Made?

Stay Hydrated

My Daily Health Routine

In no way am I suggesting that what I do works for everyone - I am giving options to try, without being radical. I believe in a holistic life, and it keeps me healthy and youthful. Everyone is different, and you should pick and choose pieces of what works for you. Don't rely on commercials, "health gurus" and such - they all get it wrong, so many times.

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