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Anger is Toxic

My Rant - Not Everything Works For Everyone!


Take Pro-biotics When Sick or on Anti-Biotics


Soy Isn't the Beat-All Food

Ayurveda - Ancient Healing and Prevention

Freeze Foods

How to Check Eggs

Why I Am Picky About Fish

Take Care of Your Teeth

The Truth About Greek Yogurt and Whey

Those Bag Tags

Keep Your Head Up!

Add Supplements

The Continuation of Back Issues

Do You Know How Your Vitamins are Made?

Vitamin Pairings for Absorption

My Daily Health Routine

Bad Breath?

Posture is Important



Detox Your System


Health Food Nuts - Vary Foods

Ancient Einkorn Wheat

Fermented and Probiotic Foods for Health

Eat Foods Closest to the Source

Disconected From Life and People?

Eat Whole Fat

GMO Diet May "Wake Up" Diseases

GMO's - Issues To Consider

The Truth About Greek Yogurt and Whey

My Go-To Spices

Are You Feeling Grief?

Skills - Recovering and Gaining New

Don't be afraid of getting an MRI

Loss of Nutrients in Produce

Stay Hydrated

Oil Pulling

Stools for the Height Challenged and Support

Use a Straw - When Appropriate

Physical Therapy and Stretching

Daily Stretches

My Weight Journey

My Posture


Your Cookware and Your Health

Potential Toxins in Everyday Products - Avoid Cancer & Harm!

Lost youth? Look younger - use good sense, products, and reduce toxins

Love Your Pets? Give Them a Healthy Life

Health Disclaimer

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In no way am I suggesting that what I do works for everyone - I am giving options to try, without being radical. I believe in a holistic life, and it keeps me healthy and youthful. Everyone is different, and you should pick and choose pieces of what works for you. Don't rely on commercials, "health gurus" and such - they all get it wrong, so many times.

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