Do you have bad breath? Does the person interacting with you have bad breath? Seems there is an epidemic of bad breath!

Morning breath has plagued me for some time, and during the day I can tell things are going downhill at times. I started a routine and it's helped - even morning breath!

Dry mouth can cause bad breath - keep hydrated, try lozenges and try mouthwash for dry mouth.

There are many ways to deal with bad breath - masking it with gum or mouthwash or mouth spray, etc. These don't solve the problem, but temporarily get you by (and in some cases, even that doesn't help).

You can chew parsley, or munch on fennel seeds, apples, celery or carrots to help with breath.

My routine that works is:

  • In the morning, I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth and do oil pulling. Then brush after oil pulling and use a non-alcoholic mouthwash. I then wait at least 5 minutes before eating. I do have apple cider vinegar in juice, later in the morning, and brush about ½ hour after. Make sure not to brush teeth immediately after coffee or anything acidic - the enamel is softer right after.
  • I brush teeth again sometime during the day, mainly ½ hour after the apple cider vinegar. I rinse my mouth with water after eating and drinking (it will help rinse sugars from your teeth, which appear in many foods and drinks, even milk). I use a toothpick to get food out from between my teeth, several times a day. If my mouth isn't salivating very well, I pop a dry mouth lozenge into my mouth to help.
  • At night, I scrape my tongue, then brush my teeth. I thoroughly floss between my teeth, and use an interstitial brush to push food out that the floss may not get out - and yes, the floss has gone around food but not pushed it out. I use the mouthwash again, wait at least 5 minutes, but usually do something, and come back later. I end up brushing one more time with Sensodyne due to sensitive teeth.
  • This routine allows me to wake up without the awful morning breath. This routine keeps me better most of the day, unless I eat something that causes the breath to foul. I do carry gum with me, sugarless with xylitol.

Scraping the tongue - I have a scraper tool. I get way back in the tongue - yes I am a gagger. I can get back there if I act like I will cough, which opens the mouth. I scrape it until it comes out clean - rinsing the tool each time. I scrape the full tongue and sides. I used to gag more at the beginning but not so much after doing this for a while. Don't scrape until it bleeds - stop if it bleeds - you don't want to scrape too hard. By scraping daily, you may be able to go over your tongue once over. You can also use a tongue cleaner.

Chew on parsley - parsley is a good help for bead breath. It's cheap and usually easy to find fresh parsley at a grocery store. The entire routine has helped me tremendously. Hope it helps you!