I now know how I should walk and sit - considering the various positions I've been getting habitual about, due to least amount of pain, path of least resistance and such.

I still walk with one foot in front of the other. I know now that I need to walk, using the outer foot muscles, not the inner ones. When I had a knee injury I ended up using the inner part of the foot to walk on. This made my back hurt as it got me all out of balance. I put shoe inserts into my shoes, which gave a good arch support, and made me use the outer foot muscles. I've been conscious about using those muscles when I have my socks on, or are wearing shoes that don't have an insert.

I keep my head up, not bent over. If I need to read something or look at my phone, I bring it up to eye level. I center my head between my shoulders, which are loose and not tight.

I strengthen my pectoral muscles, which then help me keep the right position when walking or sitting. I can hold my frame up.

I don't wear high heels, and rarely did back in the day - I'd always have tennies to actually walk with and wore heels only around the office, or during occasions (but never went more than 2" high).

Keep your head up, shoulders back, your back upright and erect. Push your butt forward to rotate your pelvic area - you'll gain a bit of height as well.

When texting or checking your phone, keep it at eye level - don't look down at it. You may develop a hump over time.

Stay aware of your posture - bad posture can seriously make your body go out of whack in areas you'd not expect.

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