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Travel Therapy Get away from your worries and take advantage of Travel Therapy.

Why Does Technology Rule Over Little Ones? Reject the technology for kids - spend time living life with them.

Travel - Prepare for it, Pack for it, and Enjoy it! Once foods are picked, nutrition starts declining. You may need to add to your foods.

You and Your Home - Security Once foods are picked, nutrition starts declining. You may need to add to your foods.

Loss of Nutrients in Produce Once foods are picked, nutrition starts declining. You may need to add to your foods.

Add Supplements Supplements may be needed to get full nutrtion.

My Back Health - Maybe I Can Also Help You Back health is important - learn from my issues.

The Continuation of Back Issues Back issues can be debilitating. Learn to manage.

Save the Hummingbirds! Help take care of hummingbirds - well meaning people may be harming them.

Soy Isn't the Beat-All Food Soy - Fermented is ok to eat, unfermented should be rarely eaten.

Stools for the Height Challenged and Support Stools for propping your legs while working - can help ease stress on your back.

My Posture Posture is important for all body health - try to keep better positions and save aches later.

Physical Therapy and Stretching PT and stretching between will help you heal faster.

Stay Hydrated Hydration is key in helping maintain your health.

Use a Straw - When Appropriate Straws may help in certain situations when drinking...

Sweeteners Healthier sweeteners to use.

Supplement Your Diet - Superior Nutritionals and Vitamins Eat nutritious foods but you may need extra supplementation to get a full dose of proper nutrtion.

How I Stay Healthy - My Daily Routine My routine helps me stay healthy - you can model off it for you. I do evolve it as time goes on.

My Weight Journey Once your youth and metabolism slow down, you may need to regroup to help lose weight.

Oil Pulling for Detox Oil pulling may be a good way to help your detox program. May help pain in the mouth, breath issues.

Don't be afraid of getting an MRI There's nothing to be scared of when scheduled for an MRI. Once you understand it, conquer the fear.

Skills - Recovering and Gaining New Use it or lose it - skills need repetition and nurturing to keep them up, and learn new ones.

Vitamin Pairings for Absorption Find out how to best take vitamins - together or with certain foods.

Do You Know How Your Vitamins are Made? Some vitamins are better than others - research companies and how they make vitamins and supplements.

Freeze Foods Before foods go bad - freeze them to use later.

Easy Fruit Desserts Ever need a dessert idea, and one without added sugar?

GMO's - Issues To Consider What are some issues with GMO (genetically modified) foods? How can they harm you?

GMO Diet May "Wake Up" Diseases More GMO issues to consider.

My Go-To Spices Spices are healthy. Some ideas on ways to combine and use them. More to come.

The Truth About Greek Yogurt and Whey Greek yogurt leaves a lot of wasted whey.

Are You Feeling Grief? Grief can be difficult to deal with. Learn to cope...

Keep Your Head Up! Posture is important - part of good posture is keeping your head up.

Your Cookware and Your Health Use the best cookware for your health.

Eat Foods Closest to the Source Packaged, processed foods of western culture are causing health issues. Eat foods with minimal or no processing.

Health Food Suggestions - Vary Foods Don't eat the same foods over and over - vary them and get more nutrition.

Why I Am Picky About Fish Fish can be healthy. They can also harm you. Know the difference.

Fermented and Probiotic Foods for Health Fermented foods can help your gut health. Probiotics can help you heal.

Ancient Einkorn Wheat Ancient wheat is healthier than American wheat - gluten issues may disappear with ancient wheat, if celiac disease hasn't set in.

Disconnected From Life and People? Do you find yourself being a loner and not wanting to be at all social?

Daily Stretches Some daily stretches of certain areas can benefit you.

Posture is Important Keep working on your posture.

How to Check Eggs How to check eggs for freshness and breakage.

Those Bag Tags Bag tags choke off your produce.

Eat Whole Fat Whole fat is better than no or low fat - for your brain, for weight loss.

Detox - Really? Detox your system - learn how to get toxins out of your body.

Breathe Breathing is good for you - learn to do it better.

Lost youth? Look younger - use good sense, products, and reduce toxins Learn tricks and tips to keep a more youthful appearance.

Deodorants Deodorants can harm you. Aluminum is bad for your brain. Often they stop working well.

Take Care of Your Teeth & Breath and Gain a Great Smile! Take Care of Your Teeth & Breath and Gain a Great Smile!.

B12 - an Essential Vitamin Vegans need to supplement B12. Older people often have trouble absorbing it. Learn more.

Anger is Toxic Learn to let go of anger. It's not worth it. It hurts you more than the other person.

Antibiotics Antibiotics are not good. Make sure to rebuild your gut flora and try natural ways.

Take Probiotics When Sick or on Antibiotics Your gut becomes stressed with antibiotic regime. Learn to recover.

Ayurveda - Ancient Healing and Prevention Ayurveda - an ancient way to take care of yourself.

Neti Pot for Cold or Sinus Relief A Neti pot can help you recover your sinus issues.

My Rant - Not Everything Works For Everyone! What works for some "experts" never works for everone!

Bad Breath? How to help manage bad breath issues.

Camping Fun and Tips - Make it Enjoyable! Camping is a way to commune with nature. Take care of the land and relax.

Dog Probiotics - Yep! Your dog may benefit from using probiotics.

Frozen Orange/Fruit Juice Made Easier Learn to tackle the frozen juice mixing so you can drink it.