I used to be very anxious and stressed. I needed to get over the stress. I was told to breathe - deeply and fully. Try to breathe all the way down your lungs, not shallow breaths. Do this for several times - breathe deeply, then hold your breath for a few moments, and let the air out slowly. Concentrate on your breathing and let the problems go.

Deep breathing this way can help you think more clearly. It helps with brain fog. You have to give yourself and your brain a release.

Recently I had pain in my back, on the left side, in same area as the shoulder, all the way to near the spine. While getting a massage, it was found that my ribs were rotated from flat to sticking out. The muscles in my back were doing something weird and not holding the ribs in place. One thing that helped me, after the massage therapist told me, was to breathe and imagine sending the breathing to that area. It actually helped! After breathing like this, my lung capacity test showed improvement.

So, breathing purposefully can actually help you - breathe to relax, and breathe to heal. Remember to deliberately breathe several times a day, to relax and calm down.

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