How to Check Eggs

When buying eggs (and hopefully you are buying pasture raised, grain-free, cage-free organic eggs), sometimes there are broken ones. Also you can check if eggs are fresh before you use them.

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When you get a package of eggs, open the package (if you can - some are sealed), and put your thumb on one egg, your forefinger on the egg on the other side. Jiggle your fingers - if the eggs stick and don't move, it's a sure sign that one or both are broken. If they move freely, they are good.

Get a bowl of water, then put your egg in it. If it floats to the top, the egg is too old and not good for eating. As egg ages, it takes on air and then it floats. If it settles upright, it's getting past its prime - eat soon. If it lies down on the bottom of the bowl, it's generally a sign of a fresh egg.

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