Are you Christian?

Do you know what it means to be Christian? Do you like to talk to and meet other Christians? Do you read the Bible? Do you understand the Bible?

Do you believe in Jesus as an integral connected part of the Holy Trinity (the Trinity is Father, Son and Holy Spirit AS ONE) - the Son of God (by Holy virgin birth) who came to earth to experience mortal life and die for man's sins, along with God (the all in all and only one true God who created the Universe and everything in it), and along with the Holy Ghost or Spirit that works within and around all of us? Do you "hear" when God "talks" to you, sending you messages?

Do you believe in miracles (and not just "coincidences")? Do you pray?

Can you see how things seemingly change a little at a time so we don't really notice "the big picture"? (Like the amount of pornography that has come to inundate our lives and the Internet - it began with a little, then a little more, and now so much...) This site has some thoughts and insights that will hopefully get you thinking and understanding a little more. I love to share when I learn something significant or profound. And I love to share miracle stories.

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