Christian Test

This test gives you food for thought. Ponder what is in your heart.

  • Do you believe Jesus is Son of God, of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - the Trinity?
  • Do you believe in God as the only one true God, with no other "gods"?
  • Do you have other "gods" in your life, such as idolization, work, money, bigger & better things?
  • Do you believe that you will go to Heaven when you die, because of the salvation for our sins that Jesus died for? "If you died tomorrow, where will you go?" Jesus died for our sakes so that we may be forgiven of our sins and go to Heaven. We are saved by Grace not by works. We do need to try to live a good life, being guided by God and for the purpose of glorifying God, but our collection of "good works" won't "save" us.
Is each of these
A. absolutely right or wrong, or
B. situational/relative - are there times it's ok?
  • Calling phone numbers to play a prank.
  • Playing with a ouija board.
  • Consulting a horoscope for answers.
  • Offering pot to a friend.
  • A friend offers you pot.
  • Selling drugs to kids.
  • Selling drugs to adults.
  • Using drugs.
  • Drinking beer before age 21.
  • Doing anything against the rules/policy if you know you won't get caught.
  • Doing something your parents or friends told you not to do.
  • Throwing a newspaper out of the car window onto the freeway.
  • Throwing a gum wrapper onto the freeway.
  • Dirty dancing with someone you just met.
  • Dirty dancing with a friend.
  • Visiting a nude beach with clothes on.
  • Participating nude at a nude beach.
  • Driving in traffic with headphones on.
  • Sleeping in a church on a regular basis.
  • Taking a stimulant to stay awake while driving.
  • Taking a stimulant to stay awake to stucy all night.
  • Having an abortion at any time, for any reason.
  • Going to a drinking party with someone who has a drinking problem.
  • Getting drunk at a party, knowing a sober person will drive you home.
  • Telling a friend it's ok if he gets drunk because you'll stay sober and drive home.
  • Skipping class for a day because there was a test you weren't ready for.
  • Prostituting youself once for $25,000.
  • Prostituting youself once for $50.
  • Refusing to look at two sides of an issue.
  • Showing favoritism toward one friend over another.
  • Teasing someone about his/her clothes.
  • Teasing someone about his/her looks.
  • Teasing someone about his/her height.
  • Calling older people by their first name without their permission.
  • Using the term "helluva" in a mixed crowd.
  • Using the term "omigod" in a mixed crowd.
  • Sitting in a bus seat when a lady is standing.
  • Sitting in a bus seat when an elderly man is standing.
  • Telling a vulgar joke male to female.
  • Telling a vulgar joke female to male.
  • Telling a vulgar joke male to male.
  • Cursing among your best friends.
  • Watching a porn film anywhere at any time.
  • Repeating dirty rap lyrics.
  • Listening to rap with dirty lyrics.
  • Going to a bar to pick up on the opposit sex.
  • Going to a bar to pick up on the same sex.
  • Watching the Jerry Springer show.

OK, now that you took the test, see how many A's and how many B's you got. Now, take it again with this in mind:

If Jesus is right next to you, with you, what would your answer be if you thought of what He would want you to do in each situation. You know God gave us the gift of a free will, but do we do as He wants? You know Jesus probably wouldn't tell us specifically "not" to do any of the above, but would he want us to do those? Now, are your answers different? Do you get more A's this time? What does this tell you? I think there is a powerful message here. Try living your life thinking of things the second way more often. Keep Jesus in your heart and mind, and see what your decisions are now. Pray for better understanding. Get a better idea of what it means to be Christian, and how to behave more Christian like.

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