I use a crystal deodorant - you just wet the crystal and spread it under your arms. It's not messy, lasts for years, is natural, and yes - it's effective. I can go for sometimes two days with it still working, if I don't get a shower in. At least a day and a half is absolutely good.

Brand name deodorants have ingredients in them which may not be healthy, or my irritate your skin, or affect your health. They often contain endocrine disrupters, which can play havoc with your thyroid and other functions.

Aluminum is one such ingredient, and aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's and more studies need to be done on this. Aluminum can be stored in excess in people with kidney disease, and may then be linked to bone or brain disease. Aluminum is used to block the sweat ducts from perspiring but can then also be absorbed. Aluminum is also linked to breast cancer cell growth.

Parabens in deodorant have been linked to breast cancer.

Phthalates have been linked to birth defects - may be linked to cell mutations.

Silica is an irritant of the skin.

Triclosan kills both good and bad bacteria - it is categorized as a pesticide and certainly bad for you. It is a potential carcinogen. It also messes with your thyroid.

Propylene Glycol is harmful - it's said to be a neurotoxin. It may affect your liver and kidneys, heart and central nervous system.

Steareths are linked to carcinogens.

Now, who wants all this is your deodorant?

Deodorant often stops working and needs to be reset by changing the type of deodorant for awhile, then you may be able to go back to the original deodorant.

Anti-perspirants aren't good for you - they keep you from sweating and retain toxins in your body.

With the crystal, I haven't found this to be the case - it's been completely reliable, so far, and I haven't had to buy deodorant in years!

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