. A Better Life Disclaimer

A Better Life Disclaimer

Please don't try anything yourself, if it doesn't make sense or if it gives you discomfort. I write because I have seen succeess in what I have done. What I do may help others, but certainly not everyone. I want to inform when I find something works for me and my family. Realize I've gone through health, and mind issues - I couldn't think straight, and I couldn't write. I know what I have been doing has gotten me back on track.

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Remember - not everyone is alike. These things I've learned and implemented are what is working for me. My research shows that I am not unjustified with what I do - but as with any advice, cater it to meet your own needs. Don't take anything as an answer to be able to avoid doctor care. Many actions can help heal so doctor need isn't needed, but if you are not improving, or in any distress - stop and see your doctor. Anyone can be allergic or sensitive to foods and medications. Anyone can become allergic to something at any point. There are alternatives to try.

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