You are not alone. Our society has warped into a field of people who don't physically interact. This is concerning, because now parents ignore their kids, and the cycle continues.

People were made to commune with each other - to speak with each other, to hug one another, to interact. You should make it a point to make a coffee date with someone and just talk. If your friend is far away, call her rather than text or FaceBook message, etc. If you use Facetime or Skype other such video communication, you can talk to people around the world, without long distance phone charges.

When watching an event, don't take photos of the event - watch it and enjoy it. A memory is the best way to recall the event. How many times will you actually go through the photos and movies after it's over? Try to concentrate on the NOW, and enjoy life by living it.

Try to set up a reunion, or throw a party for any reason (if you can handle entertaining, that is). If you can get involved with people, you can feel better about more things in your life. Don't worry about how you will be perceived - people will just likely want to see you!

I used to feel a disconnect, and shunned people from my school days. I went on with life, then felt empty, even though my life was going well. I craved to know and remember high school and college, and in reconnecting with people, I became happier. I was soon helping organize reunions. People actually wanted to see me (and I was not a popular student)!

Join a club, or attend events - you can meet great people at them!

Believe me - I know shy - I used to epitomize the word shy. I did start asserting myself and joining groups. I got better with talking in front of people, and making friends. Sometimes it just takes an effort from you, if not from someone else, to try to extend a hand in friendship.

Don't live through the lens of a camera, or depend on social media to keep in touch with friends. Go out and experience life, and experience friendships.

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