Be aware of the food and treats you give your dog. Softer and canned foods tend to stick to the teeth and let plaque grow. If you feed such, you should make sure to brush the teeth more often, or make sure to give you pup teeth cleaning snacks and toys. Human food scraps often have sugar, which is bad for your dog's teeth. Treats also may have sugars and sticky ingredients. Dry dog food is better for dog teeth because it crunches hard pieces around to help break up plaque and tartar.

To brush teeth, I use either a regular toothbrush or a pet one that vibrates - though this dog freaks out at the noise of vibration so I can't use that feature. The toothbrush above is sufficient, as well as a Petrodex finger brush , (which may be easier to get into the dog mouth. You might need help from someone to help open the mouth and keep it open, especially for the inside teeth surfaces. Try to make it fun and praise your pup. As with your toothbrushes, replace the pet one when it gets frayed and worn. Use a dog approved toothpaste and never a human toothpaste (the ingredients of human toothpaste could be harmful or even toxic, particularly xylitrol). Put some dog toothpaste on the brush and let the dog lick it off to get used to it. There are beef and other dog yummy toothpaste flavors. Try to brush 1-2 times a week.

Give your dog floss and rope toys - they may get it between teeth and floss where needed.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Tri-Floss Rope Ball with Liquid Floss by Tropiclean

Avoid bones, chew hooves and other hard chew things. They could break teeth. Bones can harbor bacteria as well. Bones can still break, even the large ones. The chew hooves have had pieces broken off and swallowed - then barfed out in the middle of the night because the stomach wasn't happy with the chunk. Bones, hard toys and chew hooves have no "give" in them.

Give toys that are hard but have some give - and last. They need to be a little soft so the teeth don't get stressed to break. Don't give too soft, though, as pieces can be pulled off and swallowed. It's hard to find suitable toys that aren't made in China (which tend to have bad ingredients and toxins).

Look at your dog's teeth occasionally (weekly or at least monthly) - if you see more yellowing or worse (if they look bad, missing, covered with crusty plaque, have bleeding gums) - get on the tooth brushing program more often. You probably should have a vet look at them too - for cleaning and treatment. You could use a dental tooth pick to scrape off some hard tartar buildup - and make a vet appointment soon. You don't want to have any tooth get a cavity or fall out - dogs have a better threshold for pain than we do, but we shouldn't let them suffer.

Rotten or missing teeth can cause more problems - affect the heart, allow poisons into the bloodstream from the roots, or the jaw bone may be rotting. There are so many problems that can happen if you don't take care of your pet's teeth.

Have Your Vet Look at Pet's Teeth. Just like humans, animals with teeth need dental care. If the teeth gets cavities or full of tartar, there can be toxins that may be pulled into the bloodstream, or trauma, or infection, etc. The heart and lungs, for example, can have problems stemming from improper tooth care. Gum disease can cause more problems. Teeth can fall out when gum disease progresses and there is bone loss. There are so many problems that can be averted with proper dental care. Make an appointment with your vet every year or preferably twice a year to check the pet's teeth, and get a thorough cleaning.

For a quick teeth cleanup or when on the go, try Vetradent Dental Wipes.

Use a dental spray to help break down tartar and plaque. Try Vetradent Dental Spray.

There are recommended types of chew treats that clean and are healthy:

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

Crumps' Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews

Rotten or missing teeth can cause more problems - it can affect the heart and lungs, allow poisons into the bloodstream from the roots, or the jaw bone may be rotting. Gum disease can harm your dog health, with teeth eventually falling out and promote bone loss. There are so many problems that can happen if you don't take care of your pet's teeth.

Bad Breath? Your dog's breath might smell bad - if so, check the gums and mouth for sores, for tartar, for other problems. It could indicate other problems. If your dog's breath smells bad on a regular basis (and no obvious teeth issues), you might want to give him a breath freshener.

Oratene Breath Freshener

You can supplement the teeth cleaning with Vetradent Dental Spray. It can help control buildup of tartar and plaque.

Many people like giving Greenies Dental Treats to their dogs - but one of mine doesn't care for them, and the other breaks it in a few pieces and swallows, without working them through the teeth.

Be Fresh Dental Care Solution can be added to dog water to help break down plaque and tartar, and also whiten teeth.

Taking care of your dog's teeth are as important as taking care of your own teeth. Teeth and gun issues can affect health in further ways, like the lungs and heart, or complications due to toxicity in the blood. Make sure to help your pup keep his teeth healthy and clean.

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