Don't go nuts about every food suggestion!

If you are like so many, you hear about kale as a superfood, and buy a lot of it, eating it every day. Or maybe it's goji berries and you go crazy stocking up on them or the powders or capsules.

The best thing to do is to have a varied diet. Vary your fruits and vegetables. Don't start eating the same thing every day - give that kale a rest and have it some days of the week. Have spinach or chard or collards on other days. There are many "superfoods" but you don't need to eat just one variety of it daily. Having a lot of kale can cause problems, such as hypothyroidism.

Go easy on any of these recommendations - you don't need any of some food every day. Just vary the fruits, vegetables, supplements and such. You can overdo the dosage and cause other problems. If you take supplements - there may be added ingredients, and dosing up on much of the same added ingredients may put you over the edge in what you should be taking of it. If you take a multi-vitamin, you may be getting plenty of a certain vitamin and need no excess of it in other vitamin rich foods.

One thing I am adamant about is to buy organic - to avoid toxic pesticides. I won't buy some foods at all, as I grow them in my garden and store-bought ones have no flavor - like strawberries or raspberries. I just wait for the season for them and stock the freezer up.

Try to vary your foods and supplements to give you what you need. I try to have a green vegetable and a reddish vegetable every day, and not the same one every day. I vary my fruits - berries at times, pineapple at times, plums at times, oranges and grapefruits, grapes, and the list goes on and on. I don't eat the same fruits or the same vegetables every day. If there is a fruit or vegetable I don't like, such as celeriac or goji berries, they won't make it into the kitchen. I can get the benefits from other produce and superfoods.

Use common sense - vary foods, eat richly nutritious foods. Stay away from processed, and eat foods closest to the source.

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