To pick the best foods to eat, choose foods that are closest to the source.

This means stay away from pre-made, packaged foods as much as possible. Once chemicals and artificial ingredients are added, the food loses nutrition (if it ever had any nutrition) and, without nutrition, health and the ability to resist disease get compromised.

This means to stay away from foods with additives, and especially any with any ingredients you cannot recognize or pronounce.

This means stay away from factory farmed livestock, fowl and fish. They are fed the additives you don't want to eat, as well as medicines to keep them from getting sick - being fed a diet of unnatural foods makes them sick, as well as the conditions they are kept in. Corn and soy were never a part of the natural diet, especially in the quantities they are fed - never was soy an ingredient fed to fish or animals until not so long ago. Now livestock, fish and fowl get sick, and people get sick. The nutrition changes in the factory farmed animals - the benefits of eating the meat are not as they used to be. Livestock need to eat from the dirt - to pick up bacteria that becomes B12 in their gut. Fish need to swim freely and eat a natural diet in order to give us nutritional benefits. Chicken and other fowl are passing us the medicines, the hormone pumping additives (to increase breast size), and not the nutrition, when from factory farms.

This means eating game meat and fresh caught fish (Atlantic fish are usually known to be farmed).

This means choosing dairy and eggs from pasture raised, cage free, free range animals, and fed a proper diet as their ancestors ate.

This means staying away from GMO and "conventional" foods - GMO is not time-tested to be safe, and may disrupt our genes since genes from other species are injected into GMO seeds, plus are doused with Round-up, which contains glyphosate (a known toxin). Conventional produce has been doused with other pesticides and can contain even up to 30 or so on a single piece of fruit!

This means eating organic (using plant based pesticides, if any) produce. You are the closest to the source as was eaten from the ground by our ancestors.

Eat foods closest to the source. Food most like our ancestors ate. Make your own meals - use spices, fresh ingredients, and know what is in your food!

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