My husband wants something sweet every day, and I need stress to him that processed and added sugar isn't something that he, or anyone, should have often, much less daily.

When I have a lot of fruit, and some seem to be forgotten and perhaps even starting to go downhill, I have tried to catch them before they rot, and slice up to go into freezer bags and into the freezer, to use in smoothies later.

My freezer is full now, so putting more into it isn't an option.

I did take out a load of blueberries and made blueberry soup, and a blueberry filling that I re-froze for later pies and cobblers. The blueberry soup is made with some water, blueberries, a bit of sugar, and a cinnamon stick. I boil it down until the flavors and scents are strong, then add a bit of mixture of potato starch and water (I use potato starch and not corn starch because potato starch doesn't leave a "skin" on the soup), while at a slow boil, stirring until thickened. The soup can be eaten warm or cold. This works with other fruits, as well.

Another dessert I like to serve is taking fruits when very ripe and at peak of flavor, then peeling and pureeing them - I use a good blender to whip in lots of air into the puree. I then freeze servable amounts in cups or bags - then pull them out a couple hours before needing to serve. It's like eating a creamy ice cream (creamy due to all the air whipped in), but it's only fruit. With fruit being at peak of ripeness, there is no need to add sugar. This has been a great hit with people coming over.

So, as I figure more ways to have healthy sweets, I will post them. I experiment with foods all the time. Try these - you should like them!

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