GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is a name given to seeds that have been modified by injecting genes from other species into a plant seed. It's not just about seed grafting or traits from other produce seeds. It's about inserting genes from other species (could be fish, could insect, could be animal, etc.) to alter the DNA of the modified seed.

GMO seeds are also modified to resist being killed off by Roundup. Thus the fields are heavily sprayed with toxic Roundup in order to kill the weeds in the fields. The GMO plants are also doused with Round-up, but don't die. That still means the produce is coated with Roundup, and even the roots have sucked it up from the ground, meaning the toxin is often in the fruit or meat of the produce.

The splicing and insertion of foreign genes is not even perfected. The new DNA may have other issues that we don't yet know about. They could decrease the nutrition of the produce, could weaken the produce strain, or could produce side effects that are unhealthy. There is not any long term study that proves safety or non-safety of the produce.

It's a sure money maker for the parent company of Roundup, which also modifies and controls the seeds. Seed companies have been bought up by this company, but there are a few seed companies that won't give up control, thankfully. When this company sells GMO seeds to farmers, it won't let the farmers save seeds for the next harvest, but requires farmers to buy all new seeds every crop. Then the farmer must buy the Roundup, to kill the weeds. The other non-GMO farms can get adulterated with winds and bees carrying the affected pollens to GMO-free plants. This company will then sue the non-GMO farmer for having GMO plants on their property. This company is trying to put the farmers out of business, or force them to plant the GMO seeds.

Glyphosate is a broad spectrum herbicide, and can be toxic to human cells - many studies have been done that show detrimental effects from it. The other ingredients in Roundup are also shown to cause harm. They aren't inert - they could cause cell damage, and may be especially harmful to the pregnancy process, disrupting hormone production, and may cause birth defects and such. The "inert" ingredient mixture is thought to amplify the effect of killing cells, and other toxicity.

Concerning all the above, I'm advising to stay away from GMO foods. Whether its DNA from other species gets tangled up with your DNA, or the food is saturated with glyphosate - either of these should be of concern!

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