There is a plethora of diseases that have surfaced - childhood and adult leukemia, autism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, cancers, and many more - ever since GMO's have been introduced.

It is feared that the genetic traits being introduced into seeds that "wake up" latent genes that scientists want to "wake up" may also be "waking up" latent disease genes within human bodies. We all have cancer cells, but not everyone gets cancer, but cancer had been multiplying in our society to numbers we've never before seen. It may be that latent cancer and other disease cells are being "woken up" in our bodies by this gene manipulation of our food. It is also possible that some injected gene may be an allergen to someone, and could react to the food.

GMO plants are also doused with Round Up and it is proven that its main ingredient, glyphosate, is toxic to humans. The "inert" ingredients in Round Up are actually not inert, but carry their own toxic dangers. When eating GMO produce, you are ingesting the Round Up and all it is made of. It can't be rinsed off the food in many cases, as the soil that grows the produce is saturated with Round Up, so the root system picks it up and grows inside the produce.

Even non-organic produce is doused with many pesticides that are harmful to humans, and can cause illnesses.

Not everyone who eats such food will be affected, and some will be affected much sooner than someone who may be affected years later. Children are especially susceptible to the effects of food, and mothers can pass the poisons to their unborn children. It's not really a surprise to see such a huge amount of sickness, considering the "Western Diet" - which is not nutritious enough to fight off the toxicity of the tainted foods.

Remember - maybe you aren't feeling effects of a bad diet, but you may succumb to an awful affliction later in life, costing a lot of money in medicl bills. Perhaps one of your children will get leukemia early in life - at that time you will realize that you should have paid more attention to what you are feeding your children. It's easier to start now, and get off sugars and junk foods. I fed my daughter ground fresh vegetables instead of sweetened bottled baby food. She doesn't like things too sweet now, and realizes that she can feel the differences with how she eats. Bad foods make her system feel bad and nutritious foods make her feel great.

Pay attention to your skin - eating sugars and junk will likely show aging of the skin. You will likely be prone to wrinkles, pimples, and other facial maladies.

If things keep going as they have been, our country is well on its way to being a very sick society, needing more and more medical care. If only people would eat organic, nutritious foods, closest to the source, and stay away from junk food, processed foods, fast food, sugars, GMO's, and other toxins, perhaps we can turn this scenario around…

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