Yes, I bought into the "Greek yogurt" hype and bought it a few times. I didn't see any reason to pay yhe extra, over regular yogurt. If you pick Green Valley organic full milk yogurt or goat yogurt, you might not notice any reason to buy "Greek yogurt" - it's plenty luscious and healthy.

What I found out about "Greek yogurt" is disturbing. It's made by straining regular yogurt and giving off a waste product og "acid whey" - which is hard to use, and cannot be effectively disposed of. There are millions of pounds of this waste that cannot be disposed of, and the amounts of it increase by the sheer volume of "Greek yogurt" that people are buying.

This waste whey cannot be let out into the water system, as it sucks the oxygen from the water, which would kill all aquatic life in its path. There are numerous lagoons of this goop. It can't be used in the amount that it's being produced. Some of it is mixed into animal feed, but animals' systems can only take a certain amount of it. It's largely very toxic.

Some is being used to produce electricity, but only a small amount,compared to what is out there in waste. There is talk about using it in baby formula - think of what that puts into a baby's system - don't support it!

Even whey protein is causing problems for people - and it's recommended by so many "health gurus" - very irresponsibly. Consuming it can cause headaches, appetite loss, allergies (for people with lactose intolerance), increased bowel movements, swelling (face, throat, tongue), loss of appetite, and can affect the liver and kidneys. That just names some of the effects.

Why take a waste product that may not actually be good for you? Why spend the extra money for a product that is playing havoc with the environment?

Buy regular yogurt, preferably organic, of pasture-fed milk, with no added preservatives or flavors. Add your own flavors - berries, spices, vanilla, etc. Skip the "Greek yogurt"!!

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