Ever hear of "text neck"? At all times people are leaning over, texting, looking at the phone, reading the paper, or a book, cutting produce and cooking, etc.

The head weighs a decent amount, and as it bends over, there is stress on the neck and back. Our neck is made to be striaght, and upright.

The lack of good posture will likely cause more people with "text neck" or "Dowagers Hump" (the head leaning forward and the back hunched up).

Keep your head up! Bring the phone to your eye level. Bring the book to your eye level. Yes - bring the book, the newspaper, the magazine, the laptop, and everything at eye level. When cooking, try to raise your work surface, or try to keep your head up and just look down. If you take care of this now, and make it a habit, you will likely save yourself a lot of pain down the road.

On that note, stretch your neck during the day. lean it back and forth, rotate it in a circle, and any other stretch that makes it feel good. Start the morning by leaning your chin to your chest, then try to keep it up from that point on. If you work on your pectoral muscles, it will also help you keep your head high.

Keep your head up and avoid other consequences!

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