I hadn't stretched my hamstrings for years, and began to - the feeling was incredibly weird and uncomfortable. After stretching every day for months, the weird sensation stopped and muscle was building up.

I forgot how to write - I thought I was getting dementia. I started to do things that would help my brain. I took guidance as I was given. I changed a lot in my life and finally I could remember better and write again. Now I make sure to write every day. It will get better as I continue to write.

Kids and people who pay sports need to repeat things over and over so muscle memory sets in. A figure skater practices a spin or jump many times until the action becomes automatic. Just repeat a skill over and over until it becomes natural, then continue to practice and keep it up. You can train yourself to do so many things!

When I was learning to play tennis, I started hitting at a wall, very regularly. I hit the ball in the garage, and got all my shots above one slat of the garage door, which was comparable to net. I became very good at hitting the tennis ball.

The main thing is - practice, practice, practice! If you think you're no good and give up, then of course you give in to defeat, and will never be good. Granted, certain people have natural skills, and others have other skills. But step out of the box - try something different, to challenge your brain, and to challenge your muscle skill set. If at first you don't succeed - keep at it until you do succeed! It will feel like such an accomplishment!

Remember - use it or lose it!

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