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Miracles - the "Coincidences" Man Doesn't Give God Credit For

I truly believe that God talks to us, but we usually don't listen, or we pass it off as a "coincidence". Well, the messages people send to to me are much more than what can be a "coincidence" – I have also experienced definite messages from God. The trick is to recognize it - my pastor tells me "A coincidence is the miracle man does not give God credit for." If you have had these communications, I would like to hear from you and if you like, I will post your message on our site. Send your stories to Email subject="I Believe."

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Miracles - the "Coincidences" Man Doesn't Give God Credit For - we can find miracles every day. Most seem simple, or insignificant, but nonetheless are miracles. What about the strong feeling you need to do something or take a certain turn? And at that time you realize you missed being in an accident or found something you never would have without that "push." That would be a message from God, speaking to you and guiding you. There are also dramatic miracles, life and death miracles - every day there is a miracle somewhere...

I am convinced there are many more messages for us, if we listen and notice. We discount so many messages, but they are there. You might have to try to be more aware, and get that "coincidence" thinking out of your head. Once you accept, I think you'll notice more. It's there, if you accept and notice and listen (sometimes using other senses, as well). There is no way anyone will convince me these stories were a "coincidence". Each message from God is a miracle. We just don't think of it that way.

Think of your child - he or she is a miracle, a gift from God. Treasure this child. What about the accident you so narrowly escaped? Or the feeling you should check something out because you had a bad feeling about it, and it ended up stopping something bad from happening? They are all miracles. Some smaller than others, but all significant. What about the way you needed an answer to a situation and the answer just dropped into your lap? Thank God for these miracles.

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If you have some great story of a message, send it to us. We'd like to post your story, as well, and give a good testament of the awesomeness of our God. Send to Email subject="I Believe."

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