Produce is most nutritious right after being picked. Once it's picked, there is a time lag in getting the produce from the farm, to the store, to your shopping cart. This could be days or months before you get your produce from the farm.

Once food is picked, nutrients start to diminish. MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is most abundant immediately after picking, and the longer the timing from picking, the less MSM is in the produce. MSM is a naturally occurring, organic sulfur compound, the third largest nutrient in our bodies. It is a key in healing and preventative properties in our bodies. It helps your joints, muscles, bones, skin, nails and hair. It is an anti-oxidant. It is essential to our cells being healthy.

Be certain that there are other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are lessened in our foods, the longer the food sits without being eaten.

The nutrients in the soil are also being taxed and depleted. The soil must be replenished with good fertilization, and crop rotation is important. Hopefully the farms you buy from are aware to do this.

Frozen produce is good - if the freezing process is immediately after picking, without blanching and such. The nutrients are likely to be higher if frozen right away, as opposed to traveling for days and sitting in the store to get picked.

Grocery stores tend to get deliveries during the weekdays, while the weekend tends to have older food that was delivered during the week. It is best to find out when your store gets food in and shop shortly after that. Eat your produce soon after getting it - you will get the most nutrition from it.

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