I eat full-fat, organic, pasture raised products.

I eat what is closest to the source.

I avoid inorganic, processed and GMO foods. Pesticides are too prevalent. And if alien DNA is inserted into GMO produce, it's a good guess it can alter DNA within our bodies, not to mention the amount of pesticides that are doused onto the produce. There is one company I boycott and all its subsidiaries.

I grow a garden.

I eat foods that may help fight cancer.

I don't use artificial sweeteners or sugars (especially not sugar beet sugar). I sweeten with maple syrup, raw local honey, and stevia (which I also grow). Cancer loves to feed on sugars.

I eat highly nutritious foods. However, I know that as soon as produce leaves the farm or garden, the MSM decreases daily, and well as other nutrition. I supplement with MSM and magnesium.

I believe in Ayurvedic and Eastern health therapies.

My Daily Routine

My daily regimen consists of eating certain foods, doing stretches and riding my bike on its trainer, if I can't ride it outside. I may use the trampoline, jump rope, walk, hike. I find that using an exercise ball to stretch works wonders. I make sure to stretch my back, my shoulders, my hips, my hamstrings, my neck, my pecs, my core. I do crunches, push-ups, planking, and squats. I do variations of yoga stretches.

I start my day by taking medications (thyroid, etc. but hopefully my diet will eventually get my system back on track so I can get off any meds). I drink water, brush my teeth, do oil pulling (usually while I am showering, using a drop of tea tree oil and rest is coconut oil), then brush again and use mouthwash. Drink more water and then I can eat (wait ½ hour after taking medications before eating). I then take coconut oil internally. If I feel like having coffee I will, otherwise (and also) green tea (matcha and maybe oolong, yerba, etc.). I either dry brush my skin, working strokes toward my heart, or use the brush in the shower. I take epsom salt baths every other day, relaxing and reading. In the evening I brush my teeth, floss (often also use a smal interstitial brush between my teeth), and again use mouthwash.

My diet consists of only organic (or grown in my garden) produce. I don't risk the pesticide consumption from inorganic produce (my sister-in-law is stricken with Parkinsons - believed to have been caused or aggravated by pesticides). I grow what I can in my garden, and herbs in containers inside the house.

I always eat a fermented food (yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso, cottage cheese, etc. to give me probiotics). This will give my gut the good bacteria it needs. I eat organic, pasture-raised, full-fat yogurt (I also make my own yogurt), and not the Greek yogurt (when the whey is taken out of yogurt to make Greek yogurt, is causes much waste that cannot be used for anything else, and then pollutes).

In my yogurt, I always add freshly ground flax (not whole flax seeds - they can't digest to give you its nutrients), hemp, chia, oat germ. I add organic berries and fruit of whatever kind I have (blueberries, strawberries, acai, pomegranate, etc.). I add spices - Ceylon cinnamon (it's the only true cinnamon with full benefits and no adverse effects), cloves, ginger, cardamom, coriander and nutmeg, at a minimum. Then I add pumpkin seeds and walnuts. To sweeten, I add maple syrup and raw honey (not any other honey or fake honey). I add maca, chlorella, chlorophyll. kelp, and/or spirulina. It is soooo tasty! You can experiment with other flavors, or make a smoothie and add greens, etc.

I drink raw unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar with the mother, in a vitamin C packed juice, to help me get it down. I make sure to rinse my teeth after, and brush after a half hour, so not to brush while enamel is softened. It is also good to drink this with a straw, so as not to allow as much contact with my teeth.

For snacks, I have fruit, nuts (particularly pistachios), prunes or raisins, etc.

For the next two meals, I make sure to integrate spices and produce of turmeric, cilantro, garlic, onion, cayenne, and others as they fit with the food (rosemary, dill, thyme, and more).

I make sure to have vegetables every day - at least a reddish one (beets, sweet potato, carrot, tomato, etc.), and a green one (greens, asparagus, cabbage, green beans, sprouts, broccoli, etc.). Often greens (like kale, spinach, collards, beet greens). I also prepare, at times, potato, fennel root, cauliflower, avocado, and such. I prepare cruciferous vegetables very often, and simmer dried beans. Did you know that pairing chlorella with cilantro helps detox you from heavy metal toxins? I keep air purifying plants in the house, as well.

I try to get protein several times a day, not in large quantities at any or every sitting. The yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir are protein. Nuts provide protein. For meat, we eat game meat and fresh caught fish. My husband hunts, so we have a good supply of elk, pheasant, wild turkey and various fish.

I pair up supplements for best absorption. Medications ½ hour before eating, iron with Vitamin C and no coffee within ½ hour either way of taking the iron. I take B12 with fermented foods. There are strategies of how to get the best benefit from food and supplement/medication pairings.

Remember - everything is organic and as close to the source as possible, without being processed at all or minimally. I use organic full fat milk, eggs, cream, butter, cheese in moderation.

With this routine (which may modify a bit here or there) as regularly as I can, I find myself losing weight (I've been a decent weight for a long time, but still able to lose and tone), being regular (by the way, if you prop your legs up on a short stool, and lean forward when doing #2, it comes out easier), and feeling better.

Food is health, exercise is health. Food can heal…

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