If you feel a cold coming on, sinus pressure, have yellow mucus or some such issue, a neti pot could be your answer.

A neti pot (or even a sprayer) is a holder for warm water that would let water flow through your sinuses and help flush out the crud and infection.

Add about ΒΌ teaspoon of sea salt or neti pot solution to about a half cup of warm water. I warm my water in a glass teapot. It's important to use filtered water rather than tap water, so your sinuses don't get anything more toxic in them. In any case be sure to boil the water and let it cool so slightly warmer than room temperature.

Tilt your head and put the net pot or sprayer through the nostril on top, keep your throat closed so water doesn't go down your throat. Let it flow back out the other nostril on bottom - do this in the shower or over a sink. Tilt your head the other way and let it flow through and from the opposite nostrils. Do this back and forth until you empty the pot or sprayer. Blow your nose gently and you should get some crud out of your sinuses, on top of what came out in the rinse.

Do the neti pot routine daily at least, and perhaps more than once a day.

You should notice improvement in your head after several times. The yellow should become clearer, and the pressure or headache should be lessened.

A neti pot or nasal sprayer can usually be found in natural or organic stores, although they may also become more mainstream and perhaps more stores do or will carry them. It's well worth it to use at the first indication of a cold or sinus condition.

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