Proper nutrition is important for good health - in body, mind, bones, wrinkles, aging and more. Eat well and you'll feel better.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as close to fresh as possible. Steam or roast vegetables rather than boil (retain the liquid you boiled in and use in sauces, etc.). Buy organic when you can - there will be less, if any, pesticides. (By the way, bee populations have been dying off in alarming numbers - probably due to pesticide use.) If you need to eat non-fresh, get the fresh frozen ones - most nutrients are left in them. Canned loses so much of the nutrition. You need about many servings of each - but more vegetables than fruits.. Try to vary the colors (and the richer the color inside the produce, the greater the nutrients).

Eat whole grains - look for "Whole" in front of some type of grain on the label - preferably as the first ingredient, and organic. You can make your own, or sprinkle grains on your other foods (good on yogurt, in cereals, in ground meats, etc.). In all truth it's probably not necessary to eat grains - you can get fiber from other sources, like legumes. Produce is critical. US wheat has been modified to yeild more, but in doing so, the properties of the wheat changed - the gluten issues have increased from it as well, I use Einkorn wheat grown in Italy - the same ancient wheat as was grown before any modifications. My husband has issues with US wheat, but none with Einkorn wheat.

Eat less red meat, more fish and poultry. You can get alternate protein from other sources, however, such as nuts, beans, etc. Have 2-3 servings a day. Just make sure to supplement with B12 if you aren't eating grass fed meats. Corn fed beef and fish do not have the same nutrition and can have antibiotics and other problematic ingredients. If you can get fresh and wild, or pastured grass fed meats - all the better. Stay away from farmed fish - which includes most salmon in most restaurants. Farmed fish is fed a diet of nothing it eats in the wild, plus kept in a crowded cage situation - so swimming in feces. These fish are so stressed and lacking nutrients, and so unhealthy to eat.

Have minimal "dairy" products, but DON'T go for the skim and "light" varieties (your brain needs fats). Don't eat a lot of cheese - cheese is quite greasy and addicting. There are a lot of dairy substitutes which can be used. Much dairy is from corn fed animals and again are not as nutritious as they should be - you don't even want to know what milk cartons are topped off with to bring the container level up (thus keeping milk cheap)! Calcium is what you need it for - but can get that from other food sources, like leafy greens.

Avoid GMO products and produce! Is there a coincidence that diabetes, obesity, allergies, Celiac disease, and many other health issues have spiked in occurence in correlation to GMO foods in our diets? Corn is largely GMO grown - and used in almost every kind of processed food, as well as giving a "shine" to other produce! High fructose corn syrup is bad for you. Corn is in corn starch, vitamin C, confectioner's sugar, and much more. People with an allergy have a very difficult time avoiding it. GMO crops are sprayed with harmful pesticides which get into the ground (plant roots) and onto the plant. You are then eating the pesticides (like glyphosate) and causing issues for yourself.

On a side note, Monarch butterflies have been disappearing - and it's thought that the killing off of the only plant they can survive off of is to blame - herbicides are killing the milkweed plants. And as weeds and insects evolve and morph to resist the Roundup, more is used, more types of pesticides and herbicides are used - making GMO foods even more toxic. It's also affecting the bee population - killing them off significantly.

Eat seeds and nuts. Eat a small handful of nuts and seeds daily - lots of nutrition and helpful in filling you up. Chia seeds are really good for filling you up - sprinkle them into smoothies, cereal, on toast, etc.

Cut these "foods" out! These have empty calories or cause effects that aren't good, add belly fat, etc. Don't eat refined white flour or products made with it. Cut back on sugar (don't even touch high fructose corn syrup!) and minimal carbohydrates. Don't eat fried foods.

Use Spices! Spices are healthy! Many can combat cancer and illness.
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Because man has been using the earth's resources, many of the fresh produce we get are depleted from many of the proper nutrition. Try to eat organic as much as possible (free of pesticides and additives, as well as more likely to be staggered planting to retain more soil nutrients). In order to get all the proper nutrients, we may need to supplement. This includes vitamins and important minerals, plus other nutrients that produce has little or none of anymore.

Food for Keeping Cancer at Bay
To help cancer not develop or to combat cancer you or a loved one may have - try eating foods which are anti-cancer types. These include
onions, red onions, garlic, leeks, shallot, chives
crociferous vegetables - cabbage, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, caulifower, arugula, watercress, horseradish, arugula, sprouts
spices - turmeric, rosemary, curry, cayenne, fennel, parsley, oregano, basil, sage, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg
leafy greens
fermented foods - sauerkraut
salmon, sea bass, mackerel, tilapia, tuna
avocado, carrot, red pepper, cooked tomato
endive, escarole
eggplant, asparagus, sweet potato, seaweed, squash, cooked mushrooms
apricot, watermelon, pumpkin, berries, papaya, mango, pomegranate, apples, citrus, figs, cooked rhubarb
beans, sprouted lentils, lima beans
oats, flax, quinoa
green tea, ginger tea
dark chocolate, red wine

Look for products that are able to be absorbed by the body - many vitamins and supplements are just purged from our bodies, doing no good - the body cannot absorb and use them. Use products from a company that cares and knows what they are putting out there.

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