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Oil pulling was introduced to me at a Whole Foods store some years ago. I tried it for only a minute then spit. The woman told me it needs to be done for perhaps 10 minutes and daily. She tried to sell me the oil pulling solution but since it was all new to me, I didn't want to spend the money

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A couple years later, when I was getting more acquainted with Eastern medicine and practices, including Ayurvedic practices, I was intrigued.

I started using olive oil at first, to swish for 10 minutes. Then I switched to sesame oil. It didn't seem to be doing much - and realize, I had tooth pain that was even keeping me up at night (which is why I would try anything to see if it worked), and pus coming from my teeth and collecting by morning. I started in the morning, before eating, and after brushing my teeth, then drinking a glass of water. I put a drop of tea tree oil on my tongue then squirted liquid coconut oil into my mouth. I squished it for 20 minutes while I took my shower or bath, then spit it out (into the toilet - I've heard that it clogs sinks). I rinsed. I then brushed my teeth again, drank water, and then ate. I did this for some weeks, and yes, my tooth pain had diminished.

It is now considered that coconut oil is best for this due to its anti-bacterial properties. Coconut is healthy is many ways, as well. I like a drop of tea tree (Melalueca) oil - it soothes, is anti-bacterial, and is a natural antibiotic.

Later I began to use Dr. Katz toothpaste and mouthwash after spitting the oil out and rinsing. Dr. Katz products are here.

I feel the whole routine has been helping me tremendously. No more pain, no more pus, and I suppose likely whiter teeth.

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