A couple years later, when I was getting more acquainted with Eastern medicine and practices, including Ayurvedic practices, I was intrigued.

I started using olive oil at first, to swish for 10 minutes. Then I switched to sesame oil. It didn't seem to be doing much - and realize, I had tooth pain that was even keeping me up at night (which is why I would try anything to see if it worked), and pus coming from my teeth and collecting by morning. I started in the morning, before eating, and after brushing my teeth, then drinking a glass of water. I put a drop of tea tree oil on my tongue then squirted liquid coconut oil into my mouth. I squished it for 20 minutes while I took my shower or bath, then spit it out (into the toilet - I've heard that it clogs sinks). I rinsed. I then brushed my teeth again, drank water, and then ate. I did this for some weeks, and yes, my tooth pain had diminished.

It is now considered that coconut oil is best for this due to its anti-bacterial properties. Coconut is healthy is many ways, as well. I like a drop of tea tree (Melalueca) oil - it soothes, is anti-bacterial, and is a natural antibiotic.

Later I began to use Dr. Katz toothpaste and mouthwash after spitting the oil out and rinsing. Dr. Katz products are here.

I feel the whole routine has been helping me tremendously. No more pain, no more pus, and I suppose likely whiter teeth.

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