With other strength issues, back pain, and such, I got some advice from the massage therapist - in addition to doing my other stretches, and in pectoral stretches. She showed me one, which I began doing, and I know it's caused me to pick myself up and hold myself up better - which must have been noticed the other day.

To stretch and strengthen the pecs, there are stretches I do - one involves holding a door frame on each side, then leaning toward the room (yes, the door needs to be open). I can feel a stretch on the pecs. I don't do this as often as one I do daily.

The pec stretch that I do daily involves a corner - standing nearly an arm's length from it, then, slowly turning out into the open area with my head and one leg (the inner one near the wall) - hold for 5-10 seconds, then repeat 3 times. Turning the other way at the corner, I repeat the same stretch routine on the other side.

The pec muscles are often neglected, but for women, they should be paid attention to. With the weight of the breasts in front, it's important to keep supporting muscles in good shape. The pec muscles will help you pull up the breasts from sagging so much.

The rest of my posture involves standing straight, with head help up and high. I make sure to look at my phone at eye level, not looking down. I try not to let my head go forward as much as possible. The weight of the head is exponentially greater, the more you lean it forward, stressing the back, neck muscles and such. This posture starts the process of the "humped back" look. Shortening the muscles that hold the head up, and being lazy about keeping your head up, will eventually hurt you with your posture.

Try to look directly at your computer screen, without leaning forward or looking down. Adjust your laptop to eye level. When working in the kitchen, try to find a higher counter area to work on, so you don't have to lean over too much. If that isn't possible, do your work and then give your neck and back a break. Try to pace yourself so you don't spend long amount of time in a bending over position. There are many daily tasks that should be revamped to keep from bending your head over. There are many ergonomic options, if you look online.

When walking, walk straight - and be conscious of using your side leg and foot muscles to walk with, not the inner leg and foot muscles - using arch supports can help you use the right muscles. Using the inner muscles can play havoc with your back, your knees, and your other systems. I know - I've been through this!

Sit straight - don't slouch. You could buy a belt that forces you to keep a posture. When sitting the lower back should have a slight inward curvature - so a pillow behind your back to support it. Keep you head up when sitting.

I started going to a chiropractor occasionally - it helps, as I have scoliosis and he found one leg longer than another. He worked on the area to correct this and it made a big difference!

Bottom line - make an effort to stand up straight, stand straight, walk with good posture - it will help your health - your back, neck, shoulders, and more.

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