My Rant:

I sure am getting tired of all those "health gurus" giving out bogus advice for the masses. People are all different - not everyone reacts the same way to a "cure-all" - some people can handle pesticides in their food, and for others, it's devastating with the illnesses it can cause.

Some people are able to smoke all their lives, while others die within years of smoking.

Soy is not a good option unless it's fermented - though it doesn't affect everyone.

Fats are good - mono-unsaturated ones, but in moderation. Brains need fat - never deprive your kids from fats.

Aspirin shouldn't be taken by any and everyone - for me it could be fatal (according to my allergist who examined me).

People have different allergies and sensitivities - different foods and medications react differently between people.

The Gardisil vaccine has proven dangerous to many, and not affecting others - and not even proven to actually work for what it's being given for.

Diet pills have killed or completely and severely screwed up the health of people.

Please don't jump on to the latest fad just because someone told you about it, or you see a commercial. Take time to wait for a long-term study.

It makes sense to try to stay healthy with foods - people back in the day had no miracle cures, and in all truth, neither do we. We are an overly medicated society and we are getting sicker all the time. You need to take care of your body so you don't need to take synthetic medications.

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