You need to stay hydrated - drink a lot over the day. Water is best - no calories, and hopefully the least impurities (in some places you should filter your water). There are other drinks that you can drink, in moderation - but most are worse than water. You don't need to drink 8 glasses of water a day - just drink when you think of it, but also realize that eating fresh produce gives you useful water.

Make sure you fill your water bottle everyday (several times) and drink. Don't use BPA containers - and take it everywhere. Drink before and after working out, after a massage (to help remove any toxins that massage releases, and to refresh your body). Drink BEFORE getting blood drawn - the veins will be more visible, and blood will flow better (believe me, the one time I didn't drink a lot before was pure misery).

When you fill your water - put a pinch of pure salt in it first - sea salt or Himalayan. If you drink too much straight water, you risk flushing nutrients from your body, Adding the salt helps water convert to the form the body needs, and retains for usefulness.

I found out that no matter how much I drink, I wasn't retaining the water. I was told to put electrolytes into my water, but electrolytes without added sugar. It has helped. In addition to electrolytes, I put a pinch of the salt and a slice of lemon in my water

Bottled water is mostly straight tap water in a bottle that is in a bottle, and usually a BPA bottle - you need to keep it away from heat and sun. If you leave it for awhile, you will see particles that dropped out in the bottom of the bottle.

Coffee and tea are ok, but coffee is a diuraetic so it flows through you fast. Tea has healing properties, but you need to look for organic, pure sources. Alcohols are also diuretic, so they aren't useful for hydration. Fruit juices are concentrated and sugary. Vitamin and other healthy sounding drinks are largely not good for anything, other than making money for the manufacturer. There is very little benefit from the small amount of vitamins and "nutrition" in them. It's cheper to take a vitamin that has the full daily requirement, or better yet - eat good, nutritious foods. Milk is good for other nutrients and fat, if you drink non GMO, pasture raised cow milk. Drink in moderation, but not to replace water. If straight water isn't palatable for you, add a few drops of leman juice, or berry juice.

You can gauge how much you drink by looking at your pee - if it's light yellow, you are drinking enough. If it's dark yellow, you need to drink more. If it's some other color, see your doctor.

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