Well, due to this challenge, I have been known to climb up on counters and washing machines and anything that could help me reach the above cabinets. My knees have been telling me to quit this. That's probably for my own good, anyway. I hate to think of losing my balance and falling.

So, I remembered that I had a folding step stool. I pulled it out of the closet, even though it's been through some paint jobs. It's a really nice, though paint-stained, stool. I keep it tucked in the kitchen now so I will remember to use it. It weighs less than a kitchen chair, as well. Being folded, it's easier to maneuver to wherever I want. Whew - I think I am relatively safe, from a climbing/falling kitchen accident these days!

I also keep a small step stool in the kitchen - for my back. I can prop one foot on it while I do work in the kitchen, taking pressure and strain off my back. It also helps me reach things that aren't too high up.

That's my advice for the day - make sure to keep a stool in the kitchen - a folding stool. And make sure to prop one foot up on a step, or cabinet bottom, when working in the kitchen (cutting, washing, rinsing, cooking, etc.), for the health of your back. Unless, of course, you have all low cabinets or built in stairs to climb on!

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