When drinking something acidic, or corrosive, or too sweet - you might want to use a straw - it pulls the liquid past the teeth so there is less contact. It can prevent staining, or corrosion.

My daughter drinks her coffee and tea with a straw - it's actually not a bad idea. Coffee sitting on the teeth certainly stains the teeth. They are also corrosive drinks, so the less time on your teeth, the better.

I use a straw when I drink my juice with apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is very corrosive and the juice has concentrated sugar (but I can't drink the vinegar with just water - I need to disguise the taste). Sugar and acid are a bad combination for the teeth.

If you do use a straw, you should look for a non BPA, reusable straw that you can clean between uses. Protect the environment at the same time as you protect your teeth. I also use paper straws - then recycle them with other paper.

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