There is a plethora of information on the Internet, "experts" giving advice, and such. People gobble up information and don't research to find out whether the information is valid or even harmful. Not everything out there is the truth. Not everything works for everyone. There may be warnings that you should heed.

Health "experts" recommend people to do or eat something, to take supplements, to follow certain exercise routines, etc. Before taking someone's advice blindly, research the validity of what you are told. There is so much good and bad information on the Internet. One way to get a decent array of experiences is to search for reviews of a suggested regimen - you will probably see some good results, but you may see harmful results - pay attention to both and be more cautious of going forward if there have been bad results.

Some "experts" perpetuate rumors or blatant untruths - relying on fears to push an agenda. Research may show how it's been debunked or is unproven either way. Just because an "expert" says something is true, doesn't mean it is truth. Don't blindly follow regimens or suggestions. Conspiracy theories should not be taken as truth - too many people perpetuate them and there may be no basis for the theory - just a scare tactic.

Some "experts" rely on promoting their products - to make money from you. Beware of supplements and combined supplement concoctions that may have terrible effects. Often the "expert" has no training and is taking you down a path that may have worked for one member of his family, but it may not work for the general population. It could be dangerous for others. One person I know took a supplement blend that claimed all nutrition needed is contained in the blend, so no fruits or vegetables are needed. She didn't feel good and eventually stopped.

Some additives in supplement blends could cause issues with certain people, even death. Blends are more worrisome because any one additive within it could cause an issue, but it's impossible to separate any one part of the blend out - so it's far better to get supplements in a single form, then add one in, one at a time for perhaps a week, to make sure to realize which may be causing you problems.

Even your own doctor has learned one path of cures. Medicines should not just mask a symptom - the root cause should be figured out and addressed. Many times, the root issue could be treated with natural methods. The medicines may numb pain - and then the root issue seems cured. The dependency on medication becomes another issue, and then the root cause won't be looked at. It becomes a vicious cycle. Many times, the strength of the medicine is increased.

A holistic doctor or practitioner would be worth visiting. They may have a different idea of the root cause of the pain, and perhaps there is a more natural way to treat it. There are effective herbs, exercises, acupuncture, massage, yoga and more that could bring better, long lasting relief and get you off the medications.

Not everything reacts the same to anything or everyone, nor is everyone affected by the same things. What could help one could kill another. Use caution in any regimen - whether medicine, surgery, supplements, etc. You should get a second opinion, in many cases - and may consider a different type doctor or expert before taking one path.