Why Does Technology Rule Over Little Ones?

Parents have gotten progressively disconnected from their babies and children. It was, not so long ago, putting kids in front of the TV with a show or a video. Now it's smart phones and baby iPads, in addition to putting the kids in front of a TV or movie.

When I was growing up, without technology, it was innocent play, time and games with parents and siblings.

When kids don't play with other kids, or with parents, they become disconnected from other people and even society. They get socially awkward.

The iPhones and iPads play havoc with little brains. They aren't good for our brains, but they are much worse for developing brains. The potential radiation emitted can seriously affect a little one's brain - the damage will show up in later years, or even potentially cancer. The propped- up iPad with a baby game or video playing, on top of a play mat, is a very bad idea. Kids learn best from humans, and more skills, than a bit of technology can teach them. They are teaching kids to disconnect from humans, or they are teaching them to connect with robots and video characters.

We did get to watch some TV shows, but it was limited, Usually the shows were also watched with our parents. We would sit down and watch the Disney movie of the week, as a family. When more shows were added, we would watch as a family, because we didn't have multiple TVs that kept up apart, and in separate rooms. When Wily Coyote would blow himself up trying to catch the Roadrunner, our parents made sure we knew it was just fiction and never to try to play like that.

Even when I take a walk, I see technology ruling the parents who are walking their babies in the stroller. A Bluetooth conversation, or smart phone is taking over the parents' attention. On the flip side, most dog walkers are not on their phones or Bluetooth, but they are talking to the dogs. Something is wrong with this scenario. Parents should be talking to the babies and children, teaching them about the world view they are seeing.

Technology is getting in the way of a relationship with family and friends. It's potentially harming little brains and the child health. Technology is not teaching kids to relate to society. Parents need to take over the job of raising their own kids, from babies on. They deserve it.