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Unknown to us when we bought our house - there is a fox den under our front porch. We never saw any evidence of foxes until only a month ago (perhaps we were too busy to notice). We knew there was a fox or more in our neighborhood, because we'd see glowing eyes here & there while coming home from Wednesday night church, or some other evenings out. Well, one day our neighbor told us he saw a fox going down in a hole right under our front porch. Then he saw pups come out a couple times (or kits).

With our schedules, it took us a little longer to see them, but finally we did. The pups were adorable, and the mom was protective. She trusted us as long we were about 15 feet away. She'd herd the pups away from me if they started to come too close. The dad fox one morning came about 10 feet from me while I was pulling weeds and began to "bark" at me - though it doesn't sound like a bark - more like a squawk - I can't really describe it.

I saw the pups were playing with some fake fern they pulled off a prop that had been stored on the porch. I left the leaves in different places every day and the pups would take them and play with them, leaving them in different places.

The foxes are protected as urban wildlife - and it is fascinating to watch this family grow before our eyes - they are so beautiful. It feels like a true miracle to have this fox family bless us in living alongside us, in the city.

We don't give them any food - they need to figure out how to feed themselves - there are a lot of mice and rabbits in the neighborhood, not to mention lots of bugs and worms. As for water - no clue where they get it from, but they might take a trip to our dog bowl outside while the dogs are in. I thank God for these little creatures of His - they are truly remarkable.

Here are some of our fox neighbors:

A Miraculous Dog Story:

I had an extraordinary dog, Tessa. She was beautiful, gentle, protective, incredibly smart, and so much more. She comforted me when I was sad, and was "my baby". I loved her so much, and I know she loved me. She would jump up and wrap her paws around me, giving me a "hug". I enjoyed this dog so much.

When she got old and had troubles, walking was more difficult, her sight wasn't good, her control wasn't good, I wrestled with putting her down, but just could not bring myself to do it. I continued to take care of her, wash her, love her. She continued this way for a while. During that time, it was Christmas season. She had always loved Christmas. She loved waiting while we opened gifts, and then knew she would have a gift of her own, and would get so excited.

When we were having Christmas celebration, she got her gift, was as happy as she could be, and hung in there. The day after Christmas, my little one and I were out in the front, sledding down the driveway. We came in after awhile, and went out back to look for Tessa. She had always been a daytime outdoor dog, nighttime indoor dog. It was a nice warm day so we let her be outside in the backyard, where she didn't need to worry about her mess.

When I went to look for her, she didn't come. Her hearing had been going so that wasn't a surprise. I walked around the yard to look for her, and was horrified to find her hanging up high on a rope on my husband's boat, which was stored in the back for the winter, on its trailer! My husband had to cut the rope to get her down. I soon realized that she had wanted to go, got through her precious Christmas, and was ready. I still didn't want to be the one to put her down, and she was still functioning. She must have been guided by God or an angel, because she COULD NOT jump up that high, and there is no way she could have looped herself around the rope. There were NO footprints in the snow to show anyone else had lifted her. Somehow, she was helped. She obviously wanted to spare me, as well, in having to put her down. I just feel at peace that she was helped to go - she was guided and lifted by some other power to that rope. It was truly her time, she didn't suffer at the end, and it was quick. Somehow there was more to this than I can totally understand, but I know it is a miracle.

The Life of a Monarch Butterfly

Our neighbor up the street noticed last year that we were growing milkweed in our urban front yard. He told us not to cut it because it's crucial to the development of the Monarch butterfly, the most majestic of the butterflies. So, we have been growing this milkweed for at least a year now.

Two weeks ago, the neighbor brought over 2 eggs and a large Monarch caterpillar that he brought with him on a trip from Minnesota. He knew we had the food for them, and wanted to give my daughter a chance to see the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. This was on a Sunday.

The eggs hatched shortly after, one about 1 ½ hours later and the other the next day. We went out to the milkweed and found two more eggs, so we decided to raise them, as well. The caterpillar went into its chrysalis stage on Tuesday, and stayed in it looking the same until 2 weeks later on Saturday, when the chrysalis darkened. On this past Sunday morning, 12 days after the chrysalis, the Monarch butterfly emerged – a beautiful site. We had to take her (it was a female) to church while she dried her wings, and my daughter released her to the flowers later in the service. The Monarch climbed on her hand and then walked onto the flower. My daughter was able to see her fly off a few minutes later.

This is truly one of God's miracles – to see such a total transformation that cannot by any other means be replicated. The caterpillar becomes very much a fluid in the chrysalis and transforms into a crumpled butterfly, which grows its wings and straightens right before your eyes. It is a beautiful sight, and so awe-inspiring.

Even to watch the rate at which the caterpillars grow and eat and shed the outgrown skins is a powerful thing to watch. You can see a size difference in the course of a day. Truly this is a miracle and it is awesome to know the power of out God to do this. My daughter may have missed most of the sermon while letting the butterfly free, but she learned a lot first hand about the power and grace of our God. And she gets more chances to watch the next caterpillars do the same – two will be ready within a day.

I am convinced there are many more messages for us, if we listen and notice. We discount so many messages, but they are there. You might have to try to be more aware, and get that "coincidence" thinking out of your head. Once you accept, I think you'll notice more. It's there, if you accept and notice and listen (sometimes using other senses, as well). There is no way anyone will convince me this wasn't a message.

Great inspirational pet miracle stories on the PAX TV network - check your TV schedules for "Miracle Pets" - they are awsome stories.

If you have some great story of a message, send it to us. We'd like to post your story, as well, and give a good testament of the awesomeness of our God. Email us.

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