Do You Know How Your Vitamins are Made?

Do you know what's in your vitamins? How they are made?

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Just FYI - when you buy vitamins or any processed foods, you have no idea how they are made.

Take Vitamin C - most of it is made using ascorbic acid, which is made from cornstarch (no doubt GMO corn).

Take Vitamin E - most of it is made from soy (which I avoid unless it's fermented, and most likely it's GMO soy).

Try to get your vitamins from food - and check further before buying. You may overload on doses of some vitamins (or supplements), if they appear on ingredients lists of several you are taking. Don't try to supplement when you don't need to. A blood test from your doctor can help you find out what you are lacking before you waste money on something you don't need... and cheapest is usually the worst...

Vitamins also add other ingredients and other vitamins to the mix - you may be overdosing on certain vitamins or supplements if you add up the amounts in your supplements.

Health Disclaimer

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