Take your medications in the morning, before foods, unless your medicines require food. Then wait about a half hour before eating. This helps the medications absorb into your system without fighting through other stuff in the stomach.

When taking iron, have it with citrus, but NOT with calcium. The uptake will be better with vitamin C enhancing the absorption. Don't drink coffee for a half hour either way of taking iron - it will negate the effect. Chelated iron is easier absorbed, and there is even a gentle chelated iron that doesn't cause constipation.

Vitamin D is needed to help calcium absorption.

Vitamin C helps Vitamin E restore its antioxidant properties after they may seem to have been used up.

B12 absorption is assisted with a probiotic to activate folate.

Pair fat with Vitamins A, D, E and K, as these are fat soluble vitamins.

Chelated vitamins and supplements are easier to absorb.

Use these guidelines, as I do, for maximum absorption and uptake. There are more food pairings that are helpful as well, that I'll go into later.

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